We Specialize in Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Trust us with your project in the Cincinnati, OH area

The space you use most might be the first to seem outdated, so contact Diamonds & Marbles Real Estate LLC in Cincinnati, OH if you're considering a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. We can do whatever is needed to enhance your kitchen and bathrooms, including demolishing walls, refacing cabinets and updating plumbing and electrical features.

We can also install...

  • Drywall
  • Custom cabinets
  • A custom tile backsplash
  • Tile, travertine or laminate floors
  • Ceramic or porcelain tile features
  • Granite, quartz, Corian or laminate countertops

Call 513-886-1497 today to discuss your kitchen and bathroom remodeling goals with our skilled team.