Diamonds & Marbles Real Estate Makes Remodeling a Cinch

Leave your entire project to our team in Cincinnati, OH

No need to hire an interior designer and remodeling contractor separately. At Diamonds & Marbles Real Estate LLC, you'll work with all the experts needed to bring your dream home to life. We specialize in creating innovative interior designs for home remodeling projects in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas, including Anderson Township. We always think outside the box, so you know your home design will be one-of-a-kind.

Our on-site interior designer will share your vision with your remodeling contractor and subcontractors to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Call 513-886-1497 now for an estimate.

Is it time to remodel your home?

Whether you're planning to sell your home or need a change of scenery, remodeling your property is a smart idea. Enlist our help if...

Our founder has a keen eye for design and has been handling interior design projects for years. Diamonds & Marbles Real Estate garnered a stellar reputation in the Cincinnati, OH area after our founder impressed her friend with a redesigned home. We're prepared to wow you with the results of your project.

Get financing for your remodel

We offer bridge loans and construction loans to qualifying clients. We’ve got access to unlimited capital to fund loans of all sizes (including luxury loans) and have the unique ability to tailor our offerings based on our client’s needs.

The bridge loan program would allow you to obtain a purchase or refinance loan with five- to seven-day funding on a national basis. Luxury loans would be available up to $10 million, have up to 90% LTV and feature rates as low as 7%.

The construction loan program would provide financing for your ground-up, multi-unit or multifamily construction project up to $10 million and 80% LTC.

In addition to your loan application, we would need the following…

  • Financial information: Last two years’ tax returns | Last three months’ bank statements | Personal finance statement | Copy of tri-merge credit report
  • Property information: Copies of Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreement | Pictures of the property
  • Project information: Scope of remodeling work to be performed | Written estimate

Call 513-886-1497 now for details.